Board Opportunities

The Bonder & Amanda Johnson Community Development Corporation (BAJCDC) has a new, exciting opportunity for a Treasurer to join its board of directors!

The Board of Directors guides the actions of BAJCDC, sets long-term policy direction, and establishes strategic goals and objectives. A strong and capable treasurer is critical to the success of the organization.

Title: Board Treasurer

Purpose: The treasurer, jointly with the board chair and finance committee chair, ensures that current records are maintained, reflecting the financial condition of Bonder & Amanda Johnson Community Development Corporation (BAJCDC). These records will include cash, outstanding advances, investments, accounts receivable and other assets, accounts payable, and fund balances (net assets).

Key Responsibilities
•Ensure that accurate books and records on financial condition are maintained.
•Ensure that the assets are protected and invested according to organization policy.
•Participate in the preparation of the budget.
•Ensure that BAJCDC complies with organization and statutory reporting requirements.
•Ensure that comprehensive financial reports to the board are prepared in a timely and accurate manner.
•Ensure that the complete records of the organization are available to the individual or individuals preparing the annual financial statements.
•Perform all duties incident to the office of the treasurer.

Reporting: The treasurer reports to the board chair and to the board.

Requisite Qualifications: The treasurer must display a commitment to BAJCDC and an understanding of BAJCDC and its principles, mission, goals, services, and the responsibilities and relationships of governance and management of paid and volunteer staff.

The Treasurer Must Also Display the Following:
•Personal commitment to devote the time necessary to perform the responsibilities of Treasurer
•An understanding of needs for BAJCDC services, as well as the financial and human resources
•An understanding of the record keeping, accounting systems, and financial reports for nonprofits
•An ability to work with the accountant and bookkeeper, and auditors as necessary
•Quickbooks experience preferred

Elected By: Board
Length of Term: 3 years
Time Commitment: ~10 hours/month
Reports To: Board